Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mediterrenean diet may decrease risk of developing melanoma

Thanks to Dr.Weil.com for this info:

Not only do Mediterreneans and others who follow a traditional Mediterranean diet have lower rates of heart disease and cancer, but they also have extremely low rates of melanoma. Some attribute this risk to their flavorful, anti-inflammatory diet consisting of colorful fruits and vegetables, nuts, legumes, olive oil, yogurt and fresh fish. New research from Israel suggests that the Mediterranean diet actually does protect against this potentially deadly form of skin cancer.

"Investigators gave one group of study volunteers a daily drink that was high in antioxidants; a second group drank beverages such as sodas instead. After two weeks - and five to six hours per day in the sun - blood tests showed that the volunteers who drank the antioxidant mix had 50 percent fewer oxidation products in their blood than the soda drinkers. In addition, drinking the antioxidant cocktail also delayed a tell-tale skin change - one that indicates the beginning of the tissue and DNA damage that can lead to skin cancer."

Although the number of subjects in the study was small, it's a pretty interesting study. Just imagine what a typical Mediterrenean diet (or anti-inflammatory diet, which I recommend) can do for your internal organs given such findings in skin! For more information on Dr. Weil's Anti-Inflammatory Diet (based on the typical Mediterrenean diet), click here (redirects to Dr. Weil's webpage).

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