Monday, August 30, 2010

For the love of chocolate...

A recent study done by Harvard Medical School, Harvard School of Public Health and Sweden's Institute of Environmental Medicine found some disappointing findings in regards to women's chocolate intake and heart health. The article, published in Circulation, found that only a MODERATE amount of dark chocolate would improve woman's odds of not developing heart failure (HF) as opposed to a larger amount.The researchers found a rate ratio (odds ratio) of HF was 26% lower among those who consumed 1-3 servings of chocolate per month and 32% lower among those who consumed 1-2 servings of chocolate per week, but the rate of HF was similar among women with no regular chocolate intake and those who consumed chocolate 3-6 servings per week and those who consumed one or more servings per day. The horror!!!!!!!!!!!

This deeply saddens me, as I have been convinced that dark chocolate (more than 60% cocoa) in any amount would improve my health...despite the saturated fat and calories it brings with it. Oh well...another delectable treat bites the dust in my eyes.

(Ok, so I'm being a bit sarcastic...never truly believed a large amount of chocolate in any form is beneficial...I just dreamt it was!)

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