Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Meat lovers beware!

It is somewhat intuitive...people who eat meat have the potential to weigh more. This is what the authors found. However, what was most interesting from this article, is the fact that the researchers found that those who ate poultry had the highest association with weight gain! That's completely counter-intuitive and I will have to explore the article a little more to see to what they attribute this finding.

Another interesting tidbit they found...a person who cut their meat consumption by 250 grams daily (about a half-pound) could conceivably reduce their 5-year weight gain by around 4 pounds. That is not so much to ask...if I do say so myself! I have successfully decreased the amount of meat I eat to 1 serving a day and I feel healthy and energetic. Not to mention, I feel like I am doing something positive in terms of decreasing my carbon footprint. See the Facebook page - "I'm helping my health, animals, and the environment by eating less meat!" for more information.


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