Sunday, August 22, 2010

Recurrent Headaches in Teens Linked to Unhealthy Lifestyle

From the American College of Preventive Medicine website...

Adolescents who smoke, are overweight, or are inactive face increased risk for recurrent headaches, according to a cross-sectional study in Neurology. Nearly 6000 teenagers in Norway completed headache interviews and lifestyle questionnaires and underwent clinical examinations. After adjustment for confounders, smoking conferred a 50% increased risk for recurrent headache (migraine, tension-type, or nonclassifiable); overweight, a 40% increased risk; and physical inactivity, a 20% increased risk. The more unhealthy lifestyle factors a teen had, the greater the risk. Editorialists note that given its design, the study could not determine whether smoking, overweight, and inactivity are headache risk factors, exacerbating factors, or trigger factors. Still, they conclude that the report "sets the stage for lifestyle interventions" for headache disorders in adolescents.

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