Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Workplace wellness programs SAVE moulah!

Here's my write-up for the American College of Prev Med weekly newsletter...

A new longitudinal study of workplace wellness plans, overseen by Principal Investigator, Dr. Dee Edington at the University of Michigan, found significant cost-savings with the programs. The study, which analyzed expenses and savings of a utility company in the Midwest over nine years, estimated savings of $12.1 million in association with the company’s participation with the wellness program as opposed to the $7.3 million it spent on the program. Indirect costs, such as those for recruitment and for changing food menus, as well as all pharmacy and medical costs were assessed. Cost-savings were further demonstrated using very conservative figures. This study illustrates the importance of wellness plans in the workplace as a cost-savings tool. Of note, Dr. Edington was the ACPM’s KBS Guest Lecturer in 2009.
View a write-up of the article at http://www.ns.umich.edu/htdocs/releases/story.php?id=7928

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