Friday, August 27, 2010

What is Preventive Medicine??

From the American College of Preventive Medicine website (because, who am I to reinvent the wheel??):

Physicians who are board certified in Preventive Medicine hold a variety of positions from chief medical officers of private corporations, to directors of state/local health departments, to policy makers within governmental organizations, to program developers for multi-national NGOs, to many other positions. Career paths include managed care, public health, occupational medicine, aerospace medicine, clinical medicine, informatics, policy development, academic medicine, international medicine, and research. These positions are located in all levels of government, educational institutions, organized medical care programs in industry, as well as voluntary health agencies and professional health organizations. Preventive Medicine physicians operate in a variety of settings, but common to these settings is an approach to health that looks at systemic and population-based interventions to improve the health of individuals.

For more info, check out  (American Board of Preventive Medicine) or (American College of Preventive Medicine...where I'm currently working).

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